Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston / Auftraggeber: BR, Telepool / 60min

1. Preis Doku-Wettbewerb Bayerischer Rundfunk und Telepool

DNA COOKING / A film by Alexander Schlichter and Sascha Karberg / A werwiewas production, Gregor Streiber

An amazing insight into the do-it-yourself world of biohacking, where everyone becomes a gene scientist – with entertaining and possibly dangerous consequences.
An entertaining scientific road movie which whisks the viewer away into the world of biohacking, illuminating the positive, revolutionary side as well as the ominous, dangerous side of biohacking. The filmmakers chart the evolution of the biohacking scene from its beginnings in the USA to its ties with industrial synthetic biology. The filmmakers learn the ropes from real US biohackers, and set up their own kitchen lab – in the back of an old van – to examine their own genetic information. They use a genetic fingerprint to incriminate the neighbor’s dog for doing his business on the doorstep every day. But it soon becomes clear their home-brew experiments can pose a very real danger, as well. They try to get access to potentially dangerous gene material and visit a US biohacker suspected of bioterrorism by the FBI. And they ask a German virus researcher who constructed a polio-causing virus how dangerous biohacking really is – or whether the do-it-yourself life forms are just harmless scientific fun.

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